Stuart Brown is a Jamaican born self-taught, award-winning photographer who uses the camera as his medium for artistic expression. He sometimes goes to extreme length to create the painterly-like quality to some of his fine art photos by utilizing special films, lighting and filters.  His photography has been published in several international magazines, sold to private collectors and through galleries in Europe, Africa and the United States.

Stuart’s aim is to reveal a sense of spirituality and awareness of beauty, whether it is in human form or nature, through his photography. He freely admits to being fascinated with the beauty and sensuality of women, and he also fascinated with the human face which is evident in his portrait photography.

Extending beyond photographer, Stuart migrated to London with his parents at an early age. He lived in London for 20 years in which he obtained his degree in interior design and worked as a designer before he migrated to the United States. In the United States, he worked as a designer for 30 years mainly designing for residential and hospitality markets. Stuart worked on projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States. He now lives with his wife in South Florida and his main focus now is photography.

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